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Restoration Work & Carpentry | Spuhler, Painting & Restorations - Chicago, IL

At Spuhler Restorations we want to ensure that everyone in Chicago, IL has access to the best restoration services available for their home and business properties. We have built a team of the professional restoration contractors that have proven that they have what it takes to help us meet this mission we have created for our company.

Our restoration services focus on returning the natural beauty that your building once possessed. The restoration services available through our company can be performed on both the interior and exterior of your home or commercial buildings. With the full line of restoration services we offer, our contractors have helped our clients recapture the original look and feel of their buildings with amazing results and satisfaction.

By combining the creative talents of our contractors with the unique visions that our clients have, the restoration services we deliver are nothing less that breathtaking. Most services are completed in a very short period of time but return the building to the timeless look that it once held.

Fine Carpentry

There are few details within a home or commercial building that can truly make the same impact that finely designed and milled custom carpentry can have. At Spuhler Restorations our carpentry services are customized to our client’s personal needs and desires. We take the time to ensure that every detail of the millwork is precise to create the look and feel that the client is seeking.

Some of the custom carpentry work that our contractors have provided for our clients includes:

• Cabinetry
• Stairs and Staircases
• Decks
• Porches
• Molding
• Window Encasements
• Window Seats
• Railings and Columns
• Sheds
• Gazebos
• And Much More!!

All of the customized millwork that we provide for your home or business can be finished in complimentary colors to match the look you want to achieve. Once our carpentry services are complete you will experience the ultimate satisfaction of having a home or commercial property that truly feels like it matches your own personal vision.

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